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11th Annual Awards Night - FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2024

April 25, 2024

11th Annual Awards Night


The 11th Annual Awards Night of the FOLCS International Short Film Competition, held on April 25, 2024, at the New York Film Academy, was a spectacular success. The event celebrated a diverse array of short films that powerfully addressed social justice, human rights, and the influence of law through cinema.

The evening started with a lively reception featuring live music and refreshments, followed by finalist film screenings that highlighted the festival’s global scope. A discussion with the filmmakers provided insights into their creative processes and the motivations behind their impactful works.

The awards ceremony was the evening’s highlight, recognizing exceptional contributions to filmmaking. This year also saw the introduction of the Bob Hollweg Memorial Award, honoring the legacy of the late board member’s dedication to justice through film.

We thank all participants for making this event a milestone in international short film and look forward to future celebrations of film, justice, and society. For more details, please visit here.

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Director: Ramazan Kilic

Country: Turkey

Synopsis: A young Kurdish girl strives to restore her grandmother’s joy after the loss of their television, their only link to the outside world. This effort unveils a tale of innocence amidst hardship.

2nd PLACE & Audience Favorite Award


Director: Kamran Taherimoghaddam

Country: Iran

Synopsis: Iranian artist Sepideh Salehi examines the role of women in society through her artwork, merging personal stories with cultural history. Her narrative transcends borders, offering a profound commentary on gender and identity.



Director: Guillermo Rosabal-Coto

Country: Costa Rica

Synopsis: Through personal narratives and a lifetime dedicated to music education and research, the film challenges viewers to question their identity within the confines of Western musical traditions.



Director: Katie McNeice

Country: Ireland

Synopsis: In rural Ireland, a soon-to-be father confronts his anxieties about gender and his traumatic past when his baby is born intersex. This challenges his notions of identity and paternal love, forcing him to reevaluate his beliefs.



Director: Heidi Miami Marshall

Country: United States

Synopsis: A young Latino boy faces his mother’s arrest by ICE and his father’s struggle to rectify their situation. He discovers the harsh realities of their world and the difficult choices they must make to survive.



Director: Ilayda Iseri

Country: Turkey

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the impending military coup in 1979 Turkey, two siblings use their imagination to escape boredom during winter break. However, they face an unexpected challenge that disrupts both their games and reality.

About the FOLCS International Short Film Competition:


Since 2011, the Forum on Life, Culture & Society has invited independent and aspiring filmmakers from around the globe to share their creative visual stories through its annual International Short Film Competition. This competition encourages entrants to explore the relationship between law, justice, and society, by creating original short films on a legal and/or human rights theme. From documentaries to dramas, animations to comedies, the competition is open to all film genres that express the struggles and injustices that humanity faces, and the noble pursuit and moral imperative of justice. Through this competition, FOLCS hopes to empower filmmakers to use their art to examine and define what “justice” truly means.