FOLCS’ COVID-19 Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, FOLCS was one of the first organizations of its kind to respond. We transitioned from programming live events for a New York City audience to virtual events for a global audience.

FOLCS focused its programs around new content in the arts that had been impacted by the pandemic. We hosted authors whose book tours had been postponed, giving them the chance to discuss new releases. We brought our Film Series online, providing exclusive advance screenings followed by discussions with members of the films’ creative teams. FOLCS pioneered this initiative of offering secure and private online screenings, widely promoting new films with a unique theatrical release.

We also proudly announced a new Event Series, Conversations on Essential Cinema: A Virtual Film Club. The Film Club offers entertaining commentary on classic arthouse films. Audiences are given the opportunity to watch a classic movie and then hear a special guest discuss the film. Selections have included The Pawnbroker with Columbia Film Professor, Annette Insdorf; 12 Angry Men with actor, Matthew Modine; The Graduate with actor, William Fichtner; and Casablanca with actress, Sharon Stone. This series is proudly co-produced with the New York Film Academy.

FOLCS continues to be here for your at-home entertainment needs. Stay tuned as we continue to bring entertaining virtual content to the public.

The Faces of FOLCS 2020

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