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We could tell you about FOLCS’ contributions to the NYC cultural scene, but why don’t we let some of the city’s finest journalists tell you instead? Since its inception, FOLCS has caught the attention of the brightest minds and most-read publications of NYC. The Washington Post, The New York Times, Huffington Post, The New York Law Journal, Bloomberg, Politico, CNN, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, and so many more have covered FOLCS’ activities. Explore our extensive list of press coverage from over two decades of operation. Media looking to cover FOLCS should navigate to our Contact page.

The Washington Post

'Nothing feels safe:' Americans are divided, anxious and quick to panic

New York Times

Manhattan District Attorney vs. Aeschylus

New York Times

Truth, Fiction and the Rosenbergs


Supreme Court Justice Breyer Talks ‘Bush v. Gore,’ ‘Citizens United’

Washington Square News

NYU Law hosts Kristen Stewart

Huffington Post

Kristen Stewart Brings Camp X-Ray to the Forum Film Festival

New York Times

Mario Cuomo, Vocal Foe of Italian Stereotyping, Finally Sees ‘The Godfather’

New York Times

Oliver Stone Faces Down Wall Street

New York Times

A Director of Classics, Focused on Conscience

New York Times

A Great Line, Taken Badly Out of Context

New York Times

The Movie That Made a Supreme Court Justice

Recent Press

New York Times

Opinion: Evil Clowns and Cowardly Lions by Bret Stephens

Touro College and University System

Touro College Appoints Distinguished University Professor

Above The Law

Gloria Allred Says There Aren’t Enough Women’s Rights Attorneys

ABA Journal

Law Firm Hosts an Evening of Art Imitating Life

Washington Examiner

Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court rise makes liberals debate wisdom of blocking Bork

Above The Law

Looking Back On The Supreme Court Term That Was