Theater of Law

Theater of Law: Paul Weiss

July 24, 2018

Theater of Law is an innovative project, co-produced by FOLCS and Theater of War Productions. In an intimate, engaging live performance, a group of actors present dramatic readings of scenes from Aeschylus’ Eumenides — an ancient Greek tragedy about the birth of trial by jury in the western world and the death of blood vengeance — for audiences of lawyers, jurists, law students, bar associations and victims’ rights groups.

The reading is followed by a powerful facilitated discussion with the audience that addresses the unique ethical and emotional challenges of working within the modern legal system, and coming before the law in search of justice today.

This performance was hosted at Paul Weiss LLP and featured actors Frankie Faison (Coming to America, The Wire, Banshee), Samantha Mathis (The Strain, Curb Your Enthusiasm, American Psycho), and Zach Grenier (The Good Wife, Deadwood, Fight Club).

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