Trials & Error

The OJ Simpson Trial

September 6, 2012

What has often been referred to as the “trial of the century”—the O.J. Simpson case—took place nearly two decades prior to the Trials & Error discussion of the memorable case. Our audience was quickly disabused of the platitude “time heals all wounds;” powerful emotions, even rancor, continue to surround this endlessly fascinating case. Our guests were former prosecutor, Christopher Darden; “Dream Team” defense attorney, Alan Dershowitz; Good Morning America legal analyst, Dan Abrams; and the father and sister of murder victim Ronald Goldman, Fred and Kim Goldman. Not surprisingly, the stage sizzled with conflicts about the verdict, the media’s coverage of the case, and, of course, the police conduct and racial divisions that marked the beginning of the trial, both captivating and confounding our audience.

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