Short Film

FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2018 - 6th Annual Awards Night

March 29, 2018

Time Warner Center


Screening of the finalists’ films of the FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2018


About the Competition

FOLCS’ annual International Short Film Competition was created in 2011 with the thought that independent filmmakers from all around the globe would share their original short films on legal, social justice, and human right issues with the FOLCS audience. Entrants are free to construe this theme broadly and choose any subject in which the relationship between law, justice, and society can be fashioned into a unique visual story. The films can be about rights that have been denied, harms that have gone unaddressed, courtroom decisions that are in desperate need of an appeal, government regulations and statutes that are fundamentally unfair, or attempts to express what “justice” really means. We accept films in any genre, including documentary, animation, and drama.

The annual international film competition offers independent and emerging filmmakers the chance to screen their work in New York City and creatively engage the public in discussions regarding justice and popular culture.

Watch FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2018 (6th Annual Awards Night) here.

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Are You Volleyball?!


Mohammad Bakhshi


A group of Arab-speaking asylum seekers arrive to an English-speaking country border where they are stopped and cannot go further. Their conflicts with border guards occur every day until a deaf-mute kid becomes a catalyst for better communication between the two groups.

Country: Iran

Award(s): Best Short, Best Screenplay, Audience Favorite



Pale Mirrors


Salem Salavati


A woman wants to be a mother, but her husband is incarcerated and sentenced to death. She has only 24 hours to decide if she wants to become pregnant in this complex situation, and this is her last chance.

Country: Iran

Award(s): 2nd Place



Don Sergio


Months after a violent separation, Anouk and Pablo have to meet two members of the Ministry of State at Anouk’s place to have the legal authenticity of their cohabitation validated. This is very important for Pablo to be able to regularize his status as a foreigner in Belgium. He must convince Anouk to pretend to be a couple again for one hour.

Country: Belgium

Award(s): 3rd Place

The Butterfly


Andy Alvarez


Carol’s family tries to accept their new life as refugees, while she struggles to pass a swimming test.


Country: Canada

Award(s): Outstanding Female Filmmaker

The Fabric of America


Eight high school students from Montgomery County, Maryland: Alyssa Berrios, Merry Hailegeorgies, Gabe Hoekman, Verite Igiraneza, Avi Krishan, Sophie Lucarelli, Juliet Marschall, and Juan Ortiz.


It’s a tough time to be an immigrant in America. Raids against new residents are on the rise, as are deportations that lead to families and communities being torn apart. Green cards are increasingly difficult to obtain, leading many people to stay in the country without proper documentation. Under our broken immigration system, thousands of people are living in fear every day, and peaceful members of society are being targeted as criminals. This film explores the many sides and issues underlying this complex and controversial topic, and shows how these issues manifest locally, in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Country: United States

Award(s): Young Filmmaker