Short Film

FOLCS International Short Film Competition 2023 (10th Annual Awards Night)

April 27, 2023

The 10th Annual FOLCS Awards Night was held in-person at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) on April 27th, 2023. Following ten days of online screenings of the Finalist Films via the FOLCS Screening Days, the awards ceremony celebrated the greatest achievements in the short film industry.


This special program was produced in partnership with the New York Film Academy.

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Director: Mostafa Younis

Country: Egypt

In order to appreciate the significance of rebuilding, one must first confront the pervasive nature of corruption. After a young woman finds herself in a parallel dimension, she encounters a mysterious spirit who seeks to offer a sacrifice to the earth. This act of atonement aims to cleanse humanity from the damage inflicted by those who perpetuate corruption and destruction.


& Best Female Filmmaker


Director: Marnie Baxter

Country: United Kingdom

A young girl develops muscles but finds a different kind of strength.



Director: Pietro Malegori

Country: Italy

Hya, an undocumented immigrant in Italy, finds herself confined to a safe house operated by a ruthless network of human smugglers. Her only chance of escape is to repay the debt incurred for her passage. Amid the safe-houses sparse surroundings and monotonous routines, Hya unexpectedly uncovers a sense of security. Exhausted by her precarious situation and her husband Bikila’s repeated violence, Hya bonds with one of the smugglers assigned to watch over them. Soon, this volatile triangle erupts into a desperate struggle for freedom, where each individual’s ultimate goal is to break free from their oppressive circumstances.

Best Screenplay


Director: Yilmaz Özdil

Country: Turkey

Ziko, a sleepwalker, is exiled from his village for committing a ‘serious sin’ while asleep. The neighboring villages are notified of this decision, ensuring that no one offers Ziko shelter or food. Facing a cold winter day, half-naked and starving, Ziko embarks on a journey through multiple villages to reach the city, unaware of what lies ahead. Simultaneously, a deaf and mute hunter, oblivious to Ziko’s predicament, must traverse the same villages, setting the stage for an unexpected encounter and a gripping tale of fate and resilience.

Young Filmmaker


Director: Hugo Poisson

Country: France

In the near future, society is managed by strict sanitary rules. Compulsory vaccination allows the control of an increasingly submissive population. Clara, 26, a former resistance figure and notorious criminal, is actively sought and hunted by the police. When she decides to break into the home of Amir, 55, a security guard at a state laboratory, it is to save Lea, her daughter of a few months.

Audience Favorite


Director: Solmaz Gholami

Country: Iran

This film tells the harrowing story of an 18-year-old girl who is sentenced to death in the Islamic Republic of Iran after being raped. Under the country’s criminal law, she faces this dire punishment because she is unable to prove that she fought back during the assault. The film delves into her struggle for justice and the fight against an unforgiving system that threatens her very existence.

About the FOLCS International Short Film Competition:

Since 2011, the Forum on Life, Culture & Society has invited independent and aspiring filmmakers from around the globe to share their creative visual stories through its annual International Short Film Competition. This competition encourages entrants to explore the relationship between law, justice, and society, by creating original short films on a legal and/or human rights theme. From documentaries to dramas, animations to comedies, the competition is open to all film genres that express the struggles and injustices that humanity faces, and the noble pursuit and moral imperative of justice. Through this competition, FOLCS hopes to empower filmmakers to use their art to examine and define what “justice” truly means.