Conspiracy U: A Conversation with Scott Shay

February 16, 2023

In Conspiracy U, Scott Shay exposes how antisemitic conspiracy theories–embedded in anti-Zionist rhetoric that Israel is evil and has no right to exist as a Jewish state–are drawn from far-right and far-left ideologies masquerading as scholarship at many universities.  The widespread circulation of such falsehoods at universities purportedly dedicated to objective truth presents a growing threat to intellectual integrity in America.  Shay focuses on how Israel is libeled and
misrepresented in academia, but the prevalence of conspiratorial thinking–inside and outside of universities, from both the extreme right and left–has contaminated other historical truths and severely distorted our political discourse.

On February 16, 2023, FOLCS was joined by author Scott Shay, a deep thinker and longtime friend of FOLCS, to discuss his latest book, Conspiracy U.  For those troubled by the recent antisemitic remarks seemingly dominating our airwaves, this was an auspicious time to have a Conversation on the roots of conspiratorial thinking.

Watch Conspiracy U: A Conversation with Scott Shay here. 

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Scott Shay
Author, Banker, Theologian

Scott A. Shay is a leading businessman, thought leader, and author of several widely read books on profound issues facing the Jewish community. Scott is the co-founder and Chairman of Signature Bank, well known as one of the best banks in New York for private business owners.

Scott earned a BA in Economics and a Masters in Management from Northwestern University, a valuable experience due to the commitment of his professors to high academic standards and the ideals of the university’s motto.

His third book, Conspiracy U: A Case Study, utilizes this motto as a backdrop to illustrate how his alma mater and academia in general have departed from these standards and ideals, sacrificing academic integrity and trustworthy scholarship in favor of Conspiracy Theories.

Scott is a distinguished leader in the Jewish community and an avid student of religion and its application to the world outside of the synagogue, church, or mosque. These interests are reflected in Conspiracy U, as well as his previous two books, In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism and Getting Our Groove Back: How to Energize American Jewry.

Scott lives in New York, NY.