Film Series

Adam's Rib: Screening and Conversation

October 23, 2008

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn star in this classic courtroom comedy that pits married lawyers against one another.

Film critics, Molly Haskell and Daniel M. Kimmel, joined FOLCS for a screening and discussion of Adam’s Rib.

Watch Adam’s Rib: Screening and Conversation here.

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Molly Haskell
Film Critic

Molly Haskell, author and critic, was a long-time staff writer for the Village Voice, New York Magazine and Vogue. She has written for many publications, including the New York Times, Esquire, The Nation, Town & Country, The Guardian, the New York Observer and the New York Review of Books. She has served as artistic director of the Sarasota French Film Festival, on the selection committee of the New York Film Festival, as associate professor of film at Barnard and as adjunct professor of film at Columbia University. In 2005, she was a host on Turner Classic Movies’ Essentials.

Her books include From Reverence to Rape: the Treatment of Women in the Movies (1973; revised and reissued in 1989); a memoir, Love and Other Infectious Diseases (1990); and, in 1997, a collection of essays and interviews, Holding My Own in No Man’s Land: Women and Men and Films and Feminists. Her newest book, Frankly, We Do Give a Damn: Gone with the Wind Revisited, was published by Yale University Press in the Spring of 2009.

Daniel M. Kimmel
Film Critic

Daniel M. Kimmel is a Boston-area film reviewer and past president of the Boston Society of Film Critics. He has been reviewing for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette since 1984. He also serves as the Boston correspondent for Variety. A former lawyer, Mr. Kimmel’s byline has appeared in numerous publications including the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Film Comment, and the Internet Review of Science Fiction. He currently teaches at Suffolk University. His book on the history of the FOX television network, The Fourth Network: How Fox Broke the Rules and Reinvented Television, was brought out by Ivan R. Dee, Publisher in June 2004 and received the Cable Center Book Award. His history of DreamWorks, The Dream Team—The Rise and Fall of DreamWorks: Lessons from the New Hollywood, was published in 2006. His latest, I’ll Have What She’s Having: Behind the Scenes of the Great Romantic Comedies, was released in September 2008.