A Conversation with Scott Shay

September 23, 2019

Are religion and rational thought incompatible? Are idolatry and blind faith in the moral development of men and women irrational, perhaps even more so, as blind faith in religion? These and many other questions are posed by author Scott Shay in his groundbreaking book, In Good Faith, which takes on the group of authors known as the New Atheists directly and convincingly. It is an argument that makes a rational case for the belief in God.

Author and entrepreneur Scott Shay joined FOLCS at The Harmonie Club for an evening of insightful Conversation – one in which it was argued that it is, in fact, possible to be both a person of science and of religion. The night wrapped with a book sale and signing for guests.

This event also marked FOLCS’ first in its new partnership with Touro College. Alan Kadish, President of the Touro College System, offered introductory remarks to the audience before the event.

Watch A Conversation with Scott Shay here.

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Scott A. Shay
Author & Entrepreneur

Scott A. Shay is a Co-Founder and Chairman of Signature Bank and a longstanding Jewish community activist. Shay started a Hebrew school, an adult educational program, and chaired several Jewish educational programs. He is the author of Getting our Groove Back: How to Energize American Jewry and has been thinking about religion, reason, and modernity since wondering why his parents sent him to Hebrew school. His book, In Good Faith, explores the most common atheist critiques of the Bible and religion, incorporating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim voices.