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A Conversation with Dylan McDermott

April 6, 2011

Film and stage actor, Dylan McDermott, is best known for his award-winning, critically acclaimed role as Boston criminal defense attorney Bobby Donnell in The Practice. For seven seasons, McDermott portrayed an unusual fictional character in the annals of legal art: the lawyer who is morally anguished by what attorneys and law firms often must do in order to succeed. With Bobby Donnell as its senior partner, the law firm in this more reflective practice achieved victories, but was always mindful of the difference between legal ethics and public morality.

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Dylan McDermott

A Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee, Dylan McDermott has proved his talent in film, television, and theater.

Most recently, McDermott can be seen in Christopher B. Landon’s Burning Palms opposite Zoe Saldana and Rosamund Pike. The movie is a subversive tale that interlaces five stories (told in vignettes) where no taboo is left unexplored. Framed as a graphic novel come to life, the film unfolds in five popular neighborhoods of Los Angeles as each character careens toward a dark and often comic fate. The film was released by New Films International in Los Angeles and New York on January 14, 2011.