A Conversation with Ayelet Shaked

July 19, 2020

One of Israel’s most dynamic and charismatic political figures, former Justice Minister, and now Knesset member as the leader of the conservative Yamina alliance, Ayelet Shaked will surely continue to serve in Israel’s public life for many years to come. Responsible for a number of significant legislative and judicial reforms, and a fierce advocate in the fight against terrorism, Shaked has proven herself to be an original thinker and bold leader. While she has been labeled, on several occasions, as Israel’s most influential woman, she is, undoubtedly, one of Israel’s most influential and compelling personalities.

On July 19, 2020, FOLCS hosted a Conversation with Ayelet Shaked.

This event was produced in partnership with Touro Talks, an online series presented by Touro experts.

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Ayelet Shaked

Ayelet Shaked served as Israel’s Minister of Justice through the years 2015-2019. She addressed an array of critical issues and led a number of key legislative reforms – presenting them to the Knesset (Parliament) and its relevant committees. Minister Shaked also chaired the Judicial Selection Committee and the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

During her tenure, Minister Shaked also served as a member of the Security Cabinet.

In 2010, Ms. Shaked together with Naftali Bennett, founded the “Yisrael Sheli” (My Israel) movement, which under Ayelet’s leadership pressed for a more Zionist agenda in the country, and a proactive approach to challenging inaccurate and spurious information about Israel on the Internet. As a result of her efforts, she was awarded the 2012 Abramowitz Israeli Prize for Media Criticism.

Shortly after, Ayelet together with Naftali took the helm of Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home), which was born of the Mafdal (National Religious) party, gaining second place in the party primaries. Ayelet was both the first woman and the first secular nominee elected to the party list. In 2015, she was elected top of the party’s list to the Knesset.

Ms. Shaked holds a B.Sc.in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, is married and the mother of two children. She lives in Tel Aviv, not far from where she was born and raised.