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FOLCS offers a unique cultural experience that is intelligent, entertaining, and intersectional. Our corporate sponsorship opportunities give you the chance to support this cornerstone of New York culture while also interacting with our engaged audience, both in the local community and online.

A large reach

  • Over 15,000 people on our mailing list
  • Collaborations with the 92nd Street Y are promoted to their mailing list of 30,000
  • Events are promoted to the entire NYU community (25,000 current NYU grad students; 25,000 NYU Law School Alumni; an additional 2,500 to the Law School’s newsletter; posters and electronic bulletin signs all over the University and in the local community)
  • Theater of Law is a traveling initiative that will go to schools, law firms, and courthouses across the nation; where we go, your logo goes

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

To learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities, and to hear about how you can support specific FOLCS initiatives that align with your philanthropic interests, please contact our producer, Sara Gajic, at producer@folcs.org.

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